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The Creative Institute - Classes

Improv 101

These classes are designed for anyone who wants to expand their creativity and delve into the world of thinking less and creating more. This curriculum draws from improvisational theater and helps students discover their creativity through learning to get out of the cloud of judgment, trust their instincts and be in the moment.

What makes this class unique?

  • It is an improv class designed for the beginner.
  • It is designed to help you explore a number of areas of creativity.
  • It is taught by instructors who understand the needs of the students and help you discover your personal creative process.

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The Conservatory

This section of classes is designed for the performer and offers actors an opportunity to develop and hone their skills for the stage and camera. With instructors who work in the industry we offer students a unique opportunity to not only learn but find work in the Twin Cities.

What makes this class unique?

  • Our instructors work in the industry.
  • We connect our students with talent agents in the Twin Cities for on-camera work.
  • We give you legitimate opportunities at being cast in Actors Theater productions.

There are no Conservatory classes scheduled at this time.
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Corporate Training

The Creative Institute offers a unique curriculum that focuses on the needs of those in the corporate world to benefit from the creative nature of improvisational and interactive theater. Our instructors bring a unique mixture of corporate and theater experience to every class. Both lunchtime seminars and 6 week classes are designed to help hone your skills in team building, communication, innovation and creative process.

What makes this class unique?

  • This is a non-traditional corporate class that is interactive.
  • The curriculum will give you take always that can be implemented in your particular department.
  • We are not trainers that tell you how to do your job or run your business we are creative consultants that offer ideas and practices that you can use to increase success.

There are no Corporate Training classes scheduled at this time.
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Youth Institute

Our youth classes not only offer the opportunity for all students to learn performance skills within improvisational and interactive theater but also to build self-esteem and gain skills that are useful in life. We also offer summer camp programs.

What makes this class unique?

  • Our classes are taught by qualified instructors who are working in the theater arts.
  • Our classes are designed to be in a safe learning environment that encourages personal growth and expression.
  • We offer performance opportunities for our students.

There are no Youth Institute classes scheduled at this time.
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Lunch with a Purpose

A one hour lunchtime workshop. Communication has drastically changed in the workplace. We are always looking for the most effective and time saving ways to communicate with one another while helping us to be more productive. How we listen, disperse and receive information will be discussed. Participants will have the opportunity to get up on their feet and be lead in exercises that will change the way they see communication. You will go away from this informative time with some fresh ideas on how to improve the way you communicate personally and professionally.

There are no “Lunch with a Purpose” classes scheduled at this time.
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Creating with Purpose: A New Approach to Brainstorming

Weʼve all been in brainstorming sessions, but what we often discover is that we spend more time debating ideas than creating ideas. We find ourselves wondering why we canʼt move forward, why we seem to come up with the same ideas over and over and never really enter a space of organic innovation. In this 6 week class John Haynes will present you to a new approach for brainstorming that will infuse energy and help you create rather than judge ideas. Whether you are struggling with innovation or feel you have a stellar track record at idea generation John will give you some tools to enhance what you already do.

There are no “Lunch with a Purpose” classes scheduled at this time.
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